Hot Stone Massage is a natural therapy using warmed stones positioned on parts of the client’s body to maximize the therapeutic benefit of massage and heat The stones are typically river rocks or other very smooth-surfaced stones made of basalt which contains a high iron content and helps them retain heat. Hot stone massages are beneficial on both physical and psychological levels.

Always check with your doctor before getting a hot stone massage; individuals with certain conditions–including pregnant women and people with high blood pressure–are advised to avoid this type of therapy.

Steeped in the Native American Healing Traditions, hot stone massage uses heated River Rocks to enhance the massage. The stones are used to massage the body allowing the heat to penetrate, relax and heal achy muscles.

Stones are placed into an electric slow-cooker or a purpose-built device which is filled with water. The water is typically heated to 122–127 °F 

Once the stones have heated sufficiently, some are placed onto specific points on the body (such as the back, hands, etc.) and others are held by the massage therapist and used to work the muscles.