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A delicious, creamy, nutritionally-complete meal replacement that takes your health and performance to new levels.

  • Contains 23 grams of the highest-quality, undenatured New Zealand whey and casein protein and superior amino acid complex.
  • Helps you maintain lean body mass.
  • Lower lactose levels for easier digestion.
  • Contains our exclusive blend of supercharged trace minerals.
  • Enzyme activated to help maximize absorption of key nutrients.
  • Clinically proven to support great weight-loss results and weight management.


A complete, nutritional body cleanse that aids the body's natural ability to remove impurities that you're exposed to on a daily basis.

  • Feeds and nourishes your body, unlike traditional cleanses which deplete your body. Not a laxative or a diuretic.
  • Encourages safe and effective weight loss.
  • Boosts mental and physical energy and endurance.
  • Contains over 100 nutrients, including ionic minerals, antioxidants, Aloe Vera and gentle cleansing herbs that help support the body's vital functions and immune system.


A super-charged nutrient-rich, rejuvenating drink that restores and protects the body and helps increase your ability to perform mentally and physically.

  • Specialized adaptogens energize your cells and adapt your body to any form of stress.
  • Contains over 100 specially sourced ingredients from around the world.
  • Antioxidants and adaptogenic herbs help support mental and physical performance.
  • Contains our advanced, blend of trace minerals, which support the body's vital functions.

Isagenix | Balancing Bodies Spa | Massage Therapy | Myofascial Therapy

Why Isagenix

Isagenix's Cleanse for Life, Ionix Supreme and the other revolutionary formulas are of the highest quality and are very effective. Created by a Master Formulator who does not compromise on quality, these products help people reach a greater level of health and wellbeing.

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